Griffin Communications

New system more intuitive for staff.

Cory's Audio Visual Services completed a technology upgrade for Griffin Communications at 7401 N Kelley Ave. 

Griffin Communications recently completed major renovations to their building and wanted to update the audiovisual presentation systems in their main conference rooms.  

“Cory’s Audio Visual was recommended to us by one of their long term customers,” said Trevor Wiseman, vice president of technology at Griffin Communications. “We couldn’t be happier with their professionalism and expertise. These upgrades give all of our employees the best technology to help do their jobs.” 

The installations include a full HD video projector, wireless video presentation playback which connects laptops, tablets or phones to present wirelessly to the projection system, new hard wired analog and digital AV input system installed at the conference table for laptops or other devices, a new audio system and a 10-button control panel for managing the system. 

Each room has a touch screen control panel outside each room’s door that is tied into a room-scheduling server. This system allows a user to input a meeting into Microsoft Outlook that will reserve the room for the designated time frame and will show the schedule on the LCD panel outside the room. This way, other employees know when a room is in use or is scheduled for a specific time. 

“Griffin Communications came to us because their technology was becoming outdated,” said Chris Stephens, integration division manager at Cory’s Audio Visual. “Their meeting spaces were used so frequently, they were seeking some form of scheduling management that would allow for a more streamlined approach to booking each room for their meetings.”

The new systems give Griffin Communications high quality wireless and audio presentation technology, which reduces cable mess. The system also allows for simple connection and use of tablets and phones, making the technology straightforward and intuitive for staff.