University of Central Oklahoma's Old North

As the first higher education building in the state, full renovations of the University of Central Oklahoma’s Old North building were highly anticipated for more than a decade. The project included an $11 million renovation.

“We wanted the rooms within Old North to be modern and interactive to bring a better experience to the classroom,” said Julio Mata, the university’s media manager.

The vision of open ceilings and exposed brick throughout the historic facility would prove to be an audio visual challenge for the university’s preferred provider Cory’s Audio Visual.



To ensure UCO's students and faculty have the very best experience, our team provided the following: 

  • The team of audio visual engineers and professionals gave the university solutions to bring in video conferencing, easy-to-use display systems, and sound to reach students without looking intrusive. 
  • Throughout the building, displays act as digital signage to give announcements, share information, and keep students and faculty connected.
  • Provided instructors a plug-and-play podiums that can bring the room to life with just one push of a button.


Old North is a piece of history now brought back to life to help the University of Central Oklahoma deliver the great education experience their students have come to expect.