Devon Boathouse

"The audio visual services installed by Cory’s impact our boathouse visitors daily. When it came time to look at the needs of our most significant athletic facility, it was natural that we would lean on Cory’s audio visual expertise and ask them to participate. We use this equipment every day and have relied on it to enhance the experience of those visiting our facility."
~ Jim Abbott, OCU Athletic Director


The Devon Boathouse required audio and video systems installed for its event, training, and public spaces. The events area is outfitted with speaker and video systems to allow for large conference-style setup or for separation of the space into multiple rooms. A large format projector was installed in the Dynamic Propulsion Rowing Tank used for training; this projects vibrant images of outdoors settings while the athletes train. The tank is also equipped with motion-sensing cameras for recording athletes’ training session, which can then be used to assist them in reaching optimal movement and performance. Finally, digital signage and audio systems implemented throughout the public space assist in welcoming guests visiting from all over the world.

Problems Presented

  • Events
  • Training
  • Public spaces

Solutions Provided

  • Audio and video systems to allow for room combining
  • Large format projectors
  • Motion sensing cameras
  • Digital Signage