Educated and Experienced

Cory’s has a vested interest in the theatre arts, and several of our employees have a theatre-specific background and education. More than that, Cory's is the only production support company in Oklahoma that specializes in theatre and dance. Our lighting, sound and scenic designers have the experience and training to understand your vision and make it a reality. Cory's AV local OKC theatre audio visual set up

Broad selections of equipment

With a carefully selected stock of equipment, Cory's is able to help create the right ambiance for each performance.  We can help take you above and beyond what is currently installed in your venue. Since we have such a wide technology selection, we are able to, in turn, provide you with a custom fit for your theatre needs. Cory's always plans ahead with time-proven checklists so everything is ready to go by showtime. 

Unique Local Partnerships

We've built relationships with professional theatres to help expand our technical offerings to our customers.

We Sell Equipment Supplies, Too!

Did you know that Cory’s also has theatrical supplies available? You can’t plan for every eventuality when it comes to a production. That’s where Cory’s comes in. We have a large variety of lamps, gels, multiple colors of gaffers and spike tape, wireless mic batteries, A2 supplies and more! From technology to supplies, we are behind the scenes to ensure the show goes on.

When performance spaces are looking to renovate, we can utilize our skills to help upgrade the technological offerings. We believe this a collaborative process involving theatrical designers in our renovation projects, so the finished system is exactly what you want and works the way you need it to.

Whether you're planning a production next year or opening tomorrow night, give us a call today to talk about how Cory's can help.