Cory's AV set up for local hotel

Running an events center or hotel is a multifaceted job that requires different audio-visual needs, both big and small. Cory’s knows to provide a hotel audio-visual system that is versatile, user-friendly and profitable in your venue. 


We also understand that all you may need is a one-off rental several times a year. Because of our extensive experience providing audio-visual services to the hotel industry, we can have you up and running after one phone call. We have the knowledge to take your needs and develop a plan, so you can immediately cross it off your list.


Technological advances are made every day. When it’s time for your hotel to install or upgrade the permanent systems in your event rooms, Cory’s has decades of experience in this industry and can advise, plan and propose the best system. We will ensure you are getting the latest technology with a simple user interface, allowing you to achieve the maximum return on investment. Tech support is also an integral part of our job. Since we are a local company, you'll know that support is minutes away - not days.

Cory's AV set up for local hotel

In House Provider

Cory’s hotel services also extend to in-house provider. When you are ready to take your venue audio-visual services to the next level, consider adding Cory's to your in-house staff for a professional and knowledge team. We are experienced at integrating seamlessly with your staff so your guests see no distinction between hotel staff and us. Since Cory’s is local, we are able to quickly respond when events pop-up unexpectedly to provide top-of-the-line service. Working with a local company means we build upon our client relationships every day in all different venues. In turn, we are just as invested as you in making guests and staff happy.