Cory's AV Set up at Oklahoma Emergency Management government office

Dedication and Experience

Cory's dedicated installation staff provides AV solutions of any scale, from single meeting rooms to emergency response facilities with hundreds of integrated parts. Whether we are involved from day one of the design and construction process when you're building a new facility or working quietly and cleanly in your office to update your AV installation, you can depend on our expertise. 

We understand your unique challenges, needs, and opportunities. 

We understand that most government facilities must survive years between upgrades. Cory’s can help you get the most out of your budget and will always design a long serving system to provide you with extended, worry-free operation.

Cory's staff is experienced in working with government contracts. Our sales team is very familiar with government purchasing procedures and can help make sure you get a system which satisfies your AV needs quickly and reliably. Working with other AV companies that may not be familiar with the intricacies of government contracting is accepting a dangerous risk. One mistake in the process can cause months of delay, cost thousands of dollars, or worst of all, force you to accept an AV system that does not fulfill your department’s needs. Cory's is the company you can trust to deliver solutions to your agency or organizations on-time and on-budget.

Need a rental? We have you covered. 

Our rental technicians excel at working at events, meetings or presentations. We frequently provide sound systems of all sizes, video projection services, and audio or video recording of meetings, both for archiving and for broadcast.

Whatever your needs, Cory's is here to meet them.