Ways to use a remote controlled camera

Posted by Daniel Ponder on 10/23/2013

Remote controlled cameras are a great addition to any video system, whether you are trying to monitor an area for security, capture video from a location that is impractical to have a live cameraman on site or stage a live event that requires live video on screen. With these small, versatile, inconspicuous cameras you can capture great video without having to disturb the audience or block views of the stage.  With a wide range of options available, you are sure to find a camera that not only looks great but also won’t break the bank, and the best part is they can all be controlled by a single person in one remote location.

An operator controls each camera with a central control unit, which allows the ability to pan, zoom and focus the camera without the audience being disturbed. Another great feature of the remote controlled camera is the ability to set pre-set camera shots. This is especially helpful in meeting environments where each speaker needs to be captured on video as the conversation bounces around from person to person. Now, instead of having to use a joystick to move the camera to the speaker and then focus the shot, the operator can simply store camera angles and focus settings and recall them at the touch of a button.

In addition to meetings and live events, there are many other places that remote controlled cameras are being implemented. Many local television stations have begun incorporating remote controlled cameras into their broadcasts, placing them on local buildings and at points of interest around the city. Some stations even have them on their transmission towers to provide a bird’s eye view of the city. All of these are part of a camera network controlled from the television station.

Cameras used in video surveillance systems can be set to automatically scan a designated area until the operator takes control to investigate a situation more closely. Some systems can even sense motion and notify the control room of potential intrusion. There are even remote controlled cameras that researchers have placed on the ocean floor in Antarctica or in the rainforest to help them better understand the environment they are studying.

No matter what application – be it production, security, broadcast, or research – remote controlled cameras are a great way to provide high quality video made simple.