7 Insider Tips for Planning a Great Event

7 Insider Tips for Planning a Great Event

After 60,000 planned events, Cory's Audio Visual's insider tips can ensure your audience walks away carrying your message. Read More

We have Moved!

As of December 28th, 2015, Cory's Audio Visual has moved into our new home at 9525 W Reno, in Oklahoma City! We are very excited to be able to increase not only our size, but you will soon see new services available from Cory's as well. Read More


The Cory's team worked with the Oklahoma Finances Authorities to automate multiple conference and training rooms inside their gorgeous office. Read More

Cory's Partners with Oklahoma Emergency Management

Cory's is proud to partner with Oklahoma Emergency Management to install a multi-monitor solution for monitoring a variety of sources for information during emergencies throughout the state. Read More

Audio Paves the Way for the Performing Arts

Sound Designers have long been the forgotten artisans of the performing arts. It is ironic that in this time of endless technological possibilities for Designers and engineers, that the Tony Awards have ended their award for Sound Designers. Yet, Sound Designers everywhere are still building sound-scapes that help capture audiences around the globe. Read More

Cloud Video Conferencing

The cloud has changed the way that many companies approach technology, especially when it comes to communication. Cloud video conferencing is just one example of how the prominence of the cloud has changed the way that colleagues and clients collaborate. There are some particular instances where creating a cloud video conferencing infrastructure is particularly important for companies in the private sector, as well as for other kinds of organizations that need seamless video conferencing. Read More

AV Technologies for Live Events

Live events can be a number of things: exciting, informative, celebratory. Unfortunately, if an event’s audiovisual systems are not set up the right way, they can also be disastrous. It is important that you have the right kind of AV system set up properly so that your event goes off without a hitch. Here are five of the most important AV technologies for live events: Read More

Applications for BYOD in Audio Visual Systems

BYOD, also known as bring your own device, is a technology policy that is becoming more and more popular in the workplace. Late last year, Virtual Bridges reported that 53% of information users incorporate a personal device into their work to help them do their jobs. There are also many applications for BYOD in audio visual systems that are used to make communication easier in the corporate world. Read More

4 Ways Sound Masking Creates Better Work Environments

Workplace noise has such a profound effect on productivity, but is almost always one of the very last considerations in crafting working environments. How can you use sound masking to help increase the efficiency of your work space? Read More

4 Ways BYOD can be used in AV Presentation systems

BYOD is a workplace trend that is sweeping the modern office, and for good reason. Statistics show that employees that can use their personal devices at work are more satisfied, and 90% of all U.S. workers are already using their smartphones at work. There are several ways BYOD can be used in AV presentation systems to make these systems more suitable for a wider range of employees and more effective at fulfilling their purpose of communicating company information. Read More