Surround Yourself With Sound

Posted by Daniel Ponder on 09/17/2013

High quality sound is a key element when you are looking to purchase the “complete entertainment package.” While many people put large amounts of time in researching the perfect big screen TV for their entertainment space, not many people think about the quality of the sound that will go with that 90” high definition picture on their wall.

Today, movies are released with incredible multi-channel sound tracks designed to enhance your entertainment experience. Relying on the two small speakers on the back of your TV would be like taking that 90” TV on the wall and covering the bottom half of the screen with cardboard - you get the picture and may even get what is going on but you miss out on the real experience.

Enter surround sound. You can spend as much as you want on speakers, amplifiers, processors and all kinds of gadgets, but you don’t have to get a second mortgage to create an enjoyable entertainment experience. All you need is to figure out what works best for you.

Do you want a system that will knock the pictures off of the walls and make your wife cringe every time you turn on the TV? If so don’t buy an off the shelf, all-in-one box system from your local electronics retailer. Instead, go to a company that specializes in system design and have them design a system for your space. Don’t have the budget for a custom system or don’t really need a system that does all that? Then consider purchasing a quality receiver and speakers and installing them yourself. Don’t be afraid of the dreaded set up process, as many receivers now come with set up microphones and on-screen instructions that will guide you through what used to be a very complicated process.

“What about the corporate world” you ask. Is there a place for surround sound there? The answer is, of course, YES. Many companies are finding that spaces once reserved for boring old meetings are being used for so much more now. Video and audio conferencing are becoming part of everyday business, and as so, high quality audio and video content are making its way into more and more meetings and presentations. Besides, how great is it to be able to show off when you have clients in?

So, whether you are looking to build the perfect man cave or looking to add some wow factor to your meeting space, remember that video is just a portion of the whole package. High quality audio can make the difference between a good presentation and a totally amazing presentation.