Staff Highlight: Nathan

Posted by Abby Wolfe on 07/17/2017

 Meet Nathan. 

Nathan is a member of our events team who is always focused on the details behind events. We recently talked to him about his favorite part of his job and more. 

What is your role here at Cory's Audio Visual?

My role on the events team is to ensure products being used by clients and by our team members at event project locations meet the standards of Cory's Audio Visual.  In certain cases, I will also perform supervisory duties onsite for setting up an event with our technicians, freelancers, and clients. 

What is your favorite part of your job?  

There are many unique projects that require specific and unique approaches to them.  Some require a fair amount of research, design, and implementation processes. I love working on what goes on in the planning of the event. When finished, it is very exciting to see the final results and a successful plan executed. 

Do you have any advice for folks wanting to get into audio visual?  

Clients first. It is always important to listen to the needs of a client, and be prompt towards service.  Talent and expertise can go so far, but going the extra mile in being prompt in communication will take you further. 

Outside of work, I can likely be found....

In the garage working on whatever I can get my hands on.


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