Staff Highlight: Moe

Posted by Abby Wolfe on 05/14/2017

We recently sat down with our events team member Moe to talk about his work with Cory's Audio Visual. We only have him on our team for a little while longer as he and his family are moving for an exciting adventure in Japan. 

Moe has great insight to share about his time at Cory's Audio Visual and his advice for those wanting to do event audio visual. 

What do you do at Cory's Audio Visual?

I'm part of the Live Events Team as a technical director and production manager. My main focus is on audio, multi screen projection, and video mapping.  




Away from the office, you can likely be found...

        • Playing with my 18-month-old daughter, Penelope
        • Mixing and designing audio for theater productions around town 
        • Being the Technical Director for Fresh Paint Performance Lab, a local performing arts company founded by my wife
        • Hanging out outdoors with my awesome family 
        • Taking pictures here and there

 If you could narrow down your favorite thing about your job, what would it be?

I like being on the go and working in different places all the time. I'm kind of a nomad by nature so this job suites me well. I love being part of producing events, and enjoy being able to put on great shows. 

 Why is Cory's Audio Visual a great place to work?

There is a great atmosphere here at Cory's Audio Visual. Nobody has an attitude or looks down at you, and that is a huge plus I look forward in a workplace. They give me freedom to express myself and are supportive of what I do. Also, everyone here is super nice.

 What is your best piece of advice to those wanting to work in audio visual?

  • Get excited about gear and try to constantly learn as much as you can about all the technology out there.
  • Try to find a good mentor and don't be afraid of asking questions, the more you have the better.
  • Start small and build you way up with time and experience. A good foundation is key if you want to be at the top of your game, study and learn all you can, and good luck!

There you have it! While we are going to miss having Moe on our team, he will always be in the Cory's Audio Visual family. Best of luck in Japan!

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