How to avoid wasting money on AV

Posted by Art Whaley on 09/09/2013

It's not news that we live in a very budget-conscious world. The drive to get things done cheaper and cheaper is a constant pressure in both our business and personal lives. Corporate culture has, in the past five years, shifted to put a strong emphasis on good stewardship of our own resources and the resources of our stakeholders. So when you order audiovisual equipment for your event, you need to make sure you're not wasting money. Here's how:

Define why you are having an event

If you are having an event to educate people, sell them something or raise awareness about an issue, you still have to be heard. Work with your AV provider on solutions instead of equipment. If you call your AV provider and order a microphone, two speakers and a case full of colored lights for the backdrop, you might be wasting money because we don't know enough to recommend what you need. If you call your AV provider and say, "I need to get 300 sales associates excited about our new product line so I can make my end of year numbers," then your AV provider can make sure everything you spend supports that goal - not one dollar wasted.

Define what you want the audience to do

If you skimp on your AV needs to the point where you cannot communicate effectively, then yes, you saved money on your AV bill, but you wasted every other dollar you spent on the event. If the audience doesn’t buy into your message because you didn't look professional on-stage, you just wasted a lot of money to save a few dollars on AV. If the audience doesn't remember your message two days later because your event didn't have any impact, you just wasted a lot of money to save a few dollars on AV.

With the correct audiovisual equipment and technology, you can get your message out clearly, succinctly and have a successful event.