How can audio visual enhance your event

Posted by Richard Jacobs on 09/11/2013

Imagine you are attending an event that is utilizing the very minimum in audio visual. The presenter is standing behind a podium using the podium microphone, using the overhead room sound system and the room halogen lighting system. The presenter is giving the presentation using no kind of visual display. Chances are good that you and the rest of the attendees are having a difficult time paying attention or getting anything out of the meeting.

Now imagine you are sitting in the same event with a presenter using a lapel microphone & walking among the attendees, a portable PA system is being used for better quality audio, and they are using one or two screens to show the presentation. Depending on what type of event it is, there may be some up lighting around the room or some other additional lights to create a mood or look. These enhancements, and many others, will give the audience a better overall event experience. These enhancements will help convey to your audience the importance of the event, make them want to attend your next event and come away with an overall good experience. Also, your audience will be able to see and hear better and have a better understanding of the idea you are sharing.

You should always look to include, in your AV budget, the ability to provide the attendees an atmosphere that will make sure they will remember the event. Include some lighting to make the room a little more warm, include a camera and tripod to magnify the speaker onto the projection screen, to allow all the guest to be able to see, and provide a better quality PA system to enhance the vocal performances.  Remember, the reason you have this event is for your guests to hear from this presenter.  Make them REMEMBER it!

Your AV provider should  be able to give you suggestions for ways to make your program a little more special and memorable to your attendees. There are many options that can provide that WOW factor. It will make a big difference!