Get to Know: Jay Knisel

Posted by Mike Jones on 04/30/2014

Jay Kniesel


Meet Jay, our Director of AV at the Embassy Suites Hotel and Conference center in Norman, OK. Jay is part of the Cory’s A/V team but works in house at the Embassy Suites maintaining the relationship between the hotel and the clients that come into our facility.

With the support of his team on site and the support from the Cory’s A/V team in the warehouse, he makes sure that both of our clients (the hotel and groups) have their needs met with utmost customer service and care.

Jay began his career in the A/V industry in 1993 with a company in the Dallas Fort Worth area. He lived there his whole life until he moved up to Oklahoma in April of 2010. Shortly thereafter he started working for Cory’s as a technician.

According to Jay, “I was very fortunate to bond with the hotel staff and my fellow employees and was able to move into a management position rather quickly.”

When asked why he loves being part of the Cory’s team he said, “working for Cory’s has definitely been a life-changing experience for me in that I now realize the importance of not only customer service but customer RELATIONSHIPS! Coming from Dallas/Fort Worth I had no idea who Cory’s was. Now I can honestly and wholeheartedly say that this company is by far THE best A/V company to work for and the best company I have EVER worked for. Cory’s Values about family, associates, and customers, really make me proud to say that I am part of the Cory’s team, and plan to be for the rest of my career.”


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