Five Tips for Better Presentation Content

Posted by Abby Wolfe on 02/23/2018

Let’s face it, with ever-changing event technology and so many tools available to help build memorable presentations, it isn’t any wonder why everyone has their own set of standards when it comes to event content.

A great presentation has so much more than attention-grabbing graphics and impactful material.

Time and time again, our clients are asking their event tech team for ways they can bring their content to life in an easy and streamlined fashion.

Our team has answers to some of the most common questions from event planners and presenters.

What does aspect ratio mean? Why is it important?

Among the event content questions, this one is probably the most important. Aspect ratio is defined as the ratio of the width to the height of an image or screen. Years ago, the most commonly-used aspect ratio was 4:3. With wide screens taking over about 10 years ago, it is the safest bet for your presentation to be drafted with 16:9 ratio. If you’re venue is uniquely vintage or your venue prohibits the use of large screens, you may still need to develop 4:3 content.

If this sounds like Greek to you, here is an easy way to make sure you are presenting in 16:9:

  • Open Powerpoint
  • Move to the design tab
  • Click on slide size
  • Select the ratio you need

Do I need to embed videos in my presentation?

Your professional audio visual team likely prefers your videos to be separate files. They also will tell you that relying on the internet for your videos is a gamble. Just as a rule of thumb, hitting “download” on that Youtube video you want to show can help ensure your presentation goes smoothly.

What kind of laptop output do I need? It is best to use my own computer rather than one furnished by the audio visual team?

Some of our clients prefer to use their own computers, but many times, it can be more beneficial to use one furnished by the tech team. Why? That can help ensure that the proper cables and adapters are available for your presentation to shine.

If using your personal computer, knowing your laptop output is key. The standard is usually HDMI. However, some laptops have VGA, DVI, and mini display outputs. A good rule of thumb for having a Mac is to always have an adapter on hand.

Another thing to do before arriving on site is chatting with your presentation team about special fonts and software being used in your presentation. Most of our clients use Powerpoint, but if you prefer another, it is great to know!

How will the slides advance?

There are so many options for the advancement of slides in a presentation. It is really about up to your comfort level and your budget. The most common methods we see are:

  • The presenter advancing the presentation with a wireless clicker is most common. There are also options for confidence monitors in front the presenter to follow along without turning their back to the audience.

  • The audio visual team advancing the presentation by following along on printouts.

Remember, either of these options mean programming slide advancement and animation into your presentation could make your presentation more complicated than necessary. Especially if you opt for the front-of-house to advance your slides, it is important to remove those automatic controls from the presentation.

Does the size of the room affect the size of the content on my slide?

While the fonts and colors you choose have a definite impact on legibility, the single biggest factor is text size. For text, the rule of 6H is a way to make sure that even the folks in the back row can read the text on your slides.
The 6H rule says that the maximum viewing distance shouldn't be more than 6 times the height of the screen. If that condition is met then as long as your text is at least 1/50th the height of the screen, then it will be legible at the maximum viewing distance. Most presentations should really be a factor of 4-6. However, videos can typically use the 8H rule.


Above all, you should find an audio visual partner that helps make event day run much smoother and your job as the presenter easier.


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