FCC Regulations to Retire Many Wireless Mics

Posted by Abby Wolfe on 04/20/2017

Recently announced, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has completed an auction of some of the Ultra High Frequency (UHF) TV band spectrum for mobile use.

Translation: There is going to be less room for things like wireless mics so there is more room for mobile data.

Is this sell a big deal? Yes. Will it affect your business? Maybe. Are you alone in figuring it out? No.

Let’s break it down.

Who will this affect?

If you have wireless microphones or in-ear monitors (IEMs), listen up! Microphones and monitors operating within the 600-700 mHz frequency bandwidth are going to be affected.

How do you know what frequency band your mics and monitors use? Our friends at Shure show you where you may be able to find that info on your technology.

Churches, schools, and event centers will likely be most-impacted because of their number of wireless microphones.

What is going to happen?

There is a transition period of about 39 months to allow wireless networks, television stations, and businesses like yours to adjust. Within those 39 months, little by little, cities will start to experience interference on wireless technology in the 600 range. That means you will hear strange sounds, cut outs, static, or hissing. There is no guarantee when your city or location will be adjusted so it is a good time to start talking about it now.

After the 39-month period, it will become illegal to operate within that range. That means an early retirement for your technology.

What can you do to be ready?

The clock officially started ticking this month (April 2017). For budgeting purposes, it is a good time to start taking an inventory of your wireless device inventory complete with frequency range.

Our team of audio visual engineers are already receiving calls about microphones from many of our existing clients. Our pros are able to:

  • come to your location

  • help you develop a budget for replacements

  • help you track down rebate programs like this one to help with costs associated with the reformatting

  • answer any questions you may have

Still wondering how this will affect your business? Here is a must-watch video from Shure as well. 


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