Cory's Helps Historic Pollard Theatre with New Sound System

Posted by Mike Jones on 12/02/2014

Cory's was honored to sell a brand-new sound system for the historic Pollard Theatre that included 9 speakers and a digital mixing board. The Pollard's Artistic Director, Jerome Stevenson, reached out to Cory's because of a strong history of working with us on previous projects.

Cory's CEO Brad Poarch explained, “Jerome said they were at a point where something different was needed in order to put on the highest quality shows possible."

And we were honored to help make that dream a reality. Phase 1 of 3 is now completed with a phase 2 and 3 in the works. Cory's plans help the Pollard by installing a new antenna system, improving control over existing wireless microphones and adding more flexibility to the overall system.

Cory's has a big heart for theatre, which made this project with Oklahoma's oldest (we believe) theatre company a lot of fun! Make sure and go see a show at the Pollard Theatre this Christmas season, you won't be disappointed!