Coming Soon: Product Review

Posted by Tom Schmidt on 09/20/2013

Video and data projectors have become commonplace in business, education and houses of worship for years. Replacing lamps and cleaning filters on the current LCD projectors can be costly and time consuming, let alone inconvenient. Enter the projector of the future - the lampless LED projector.

LED projector technology is used in ultra portable projectors, business projectors, digital projectors and home theater projectors. The emerging market of the Pico projector is the front running in LED Technology. Pico projectors, or a mini projector, are about the size of a large pack of gum.  They can easily fit into a briefcase or even your pocket. These projectors use a single LED as their light source.

Typical lamp life on current LCD projectors is around 1200 to 2000 hours and can cost from $200 to $500 per lamp. However, the new lampless LED projectors can boast as many as 20,000 hours with no lamp change or filter cleaning. Based on these numbers, using a projector for four hours a day, you are looking at 13 years or more with no maintenance.

The only downside of LED projectors in is the lack in brightness. Home theater projectors typically will run upwards of the $10,000 range and cannot achieve the brightness provided by the LCD Projectors available in today’s marketplace. With the affordability of the Pico or Pocket projectors (some less than $300.00), and with the continual change in technology, brightness levels will go up and prices come down. The projector of the future is here.