Client Shout Out: PSNI Global Alliance

Posted by Abby Wolfe on 03/26/2018

Hailey Klein, PSNI Global Alliance Imagine a room full of the audio visual industry’s brightest minds and skilled leaders. That is PSNI’s annual SuperSummit event. When producing such an event, the stakes are high to get everything in lighting, sound, content, and more, right every single time. For the past five years, Cory’s Audio Visual has stepped up to the challenge!

PSNI’s uber-talented, marketing powerhouse Hailey Klein sat down with us to talk about their event, why they choose Cory’s Audio Visual, and her advice for other event planners.


Tell us about your company and your role.

I work for PSNI Global Alliance.  PSNI Global Alliance is a network of technology integrators from around the world all with a mission to provide the best audiovisual experience to our clients no matter what the venue or application may be.

How does Cory's Audio Visual help you reach your goals?

Cory’s Audio Visual helped us to produce the perfect event.  When technology is what you live and breathe, and your attendance is made up entirely of people who install and create technology it is important to put your best foot forward. With Cory’s Audio Visual we were able to seamlessly transition from keynote speakers to industry panelists all while looking and sounding professional. They worked with us to create a visually appealing stage and set for our attendees and helped us to capture our entire event for future playback to our members around the world.

They say that the love is in the details and that’s exactly what you get with Cory’s Audio Visual.

They are involved, quick to respond, extremely helpful because they flat out just know what they are doing – and they like to do it.

PSNI SuperSummit 2018Is there an example or a story that sticks out to you?

Cory’s Audio Visual played an instrumental role during our largest annual event, Supersummit.  This event is made up entirely of audiovisual integrators and manufacturers – the people who know, (and will let you know,)  if something is wrong with your audio levels or video quality.

We never so much as had a muted mic throughout our event thanks to their proactive approach and attention to detail throughout our event.  They were quick to fix any last minute changes we had (and there were plenty,) and ultimately provided a seamless experience.

What is your advice to other event planners looking for an audio visual partner?

There are a million things to worry about when you’re planning an event so make sure you hire a great audio visual partner that you trust so that AV doesn’t have to be another worry. Look for a company with a proven track record at producing fantastic events and for someone who not only hears your vision but can build on it to make it a more spectacular event than you could have imagined.

To learn more about PSNI Global Alliance, their members, and their trusted manufacturer partners, visit their website.

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