Client Shout Out: OK Board of Nursing

Posted by Abby Wolfe on 10/19/2017

When it comes to important meetings, the OK Board of Nursing is no stranger to needing reliable and knowledgeable partners. Sandra Ellis talked to us about why that means she chooses Cory's Audio Visual. 

What do you do?

I work for a state agency in Oklahoma City and a major part of my duties are to arrange for six regular, statutory Board Meetings per year, each generally lasting for 3 days. Our agency conducts administrative hearings during a portion of these meetings, with the setup style much like a courtroom. Board Meetings often include presentations, exhibits and speakers.

How long have you worked with Cory’s Audio Visual? How has our company helped you reach your goals?

Our agency has contracted with Cory’s Audio Visual for the 14 years I have been in this position, and the working relationship goes even beyond that period of time. Richard Jacobs and the crew at Cory’s Audio Visual always ensure our events are timely and correctly set up, no matter the changing venues (and house sound/hotel staff challenges). Cory’s Audio Visual is an integral part of making these meetings run smoothly and without interruptions from technical difficulties. I do heavily rely on their familiarity with our needs. Their bids in response to the requests for proposal in anticipation of contract renewal activities are consistently below the competition, enabling us to continue the business relationship for these many years.

Tell us about a memorable experience with the Cory’s Audio Visual team. 

Around 10 years ago we were experiencing issues with mic feedback on days 2 and 3. Cory’s Audio Visual staff worked to reconfigure and isolate the cause. During their work a very friendly hotel houseman happened to shared that each evening catering staff reset the house sound! Richard and I met to come up with a plan to combat this and we decided to take photographs of the control panels and boxes after initial set up. I could tell if the settings were altered each morning and had the ability to return the dials to their proper positions. We are no longer at this site but it really stands out in my memory as a proactive way to sidestep our “friendly helpers.” 

What is your best piece of advice to other event planners?

I have confidence in the experts at Cory’s Audio Visual to be knowledgeable regarding the latest technology. I communicate what we are trying to accomplish, whether it be broadcasting an out-of-state call for witness testimony to an open meeting, or projection of exhibits and presentations. Cory’s Audio Visual's staff advise me on what would work best for any given circumstance and the outcome is always on point.

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