BYOD What's that?!

Posted by John Cory on 02/14/2014

In many ways when we enter the conference room of today it still has the look and feel of the conference room of the past.   With many rooms still sporting whiteboards, often a projector or Smartboard is the only thing setting us apart from the conference room of yesteryear.   That and of course the fact that just about every one of our meeting attendees is walking around with a smart phone, laptop or tablet to go along with their notebooks.

 Over the past few years, with technology becoming such a day in and day out part of life, there has been a lot of discussion on how to make technology use more beneficial.  One emerging trend has been Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).   The main premise behind BYOD in the conference room is connecting the attendee with learning opportunities on their own technology. 

 The connection between the speaker, attendee and the device leads to better learning in and out of the conference room as the technology extends the learning environment to anywhere they are connected.


Check back on Monday to learn the top 5 ways BYOD can make your conference rooms more efficient!