Benefits of Interactive Technology in an Educational Setting

Posted by John Cory on 10/30/2013

Children consume technology at an astounding rate.  They inhale technology every day from smart phones, tablets

andTVs. How many times does an adult have to ask a child to show them how to use their new phone or other gadget? In order to effectively teach these techno-kids, teachers have to be able to communicate with them using technology. The most widespread way to do this is with an interactive whiteboard. 

An interactive whiteboard consists of a projector and touch sensitive whiteboard. A computer screen is projected onto the whiteboard and the touch sensitive screen becomes the mouse/keyboard. Anything that can be done on a normal computer can be done on this interactive setup. 

Research is always showing that students respond better when they are engaged with what they are learning. Multi-sensory, hands on teaching can be much more effective than textbook teaching. There are dozens and dozens of software companies that are writing specific instructional content for these interactive setups. Some examples are interactive field trips, touch based math games or even science based dioramas where a student can “dissect” a frog on the whiteboard.

This same approach can be used to educate employees in your workforce as well. A dedicated instructor can use an interactive whiteboard, or even a touch sensitive LCD TV, to communicate their message.  Make sure that the instructor is well trained and confident in the technology’s use, or they will waste valuable time trying to get it to work.  This is often more distracting than helpful.