4 Ways Digital Signage Can Increase Awareness of Your Business

Posted by Brad Poarch on 09/04/2014

I think for any business or consumer who really thinks about it they may take notice to the rapid growth of signage around them. No longer just a special product for large venue events and shopping malls, digital signage seems to be everywhere these days from McDonalds menus to scoreboards at your little leaguers home baseball field.

A couple of trends that have driven this have been the rapidly decreasing cost of small and large format flat panel displays along with research that has shown visual information is retained at a much greater rate than other messaging types.  Together these trends have fostered an industry of growth with little sign of slowing down.  Begging the question, is digital signage right for your business?

Businesses of all types can benefit from digital signage and to further reiterate just that, here are 4 ways that Digital Signage can increase awareness of your business inside and out.

  1. Improved Retention: studies have shown retention of visual information can be between 4 and 8 times better than other communication methods.
  2. Clear Messaging: Signage within the enterprise or directly used for customer facing communication can assure that a companies desired message is the one that is shared. Anyone that remembers the old game of telephone knows that when a message is passed on it often gets changed from what was intended. Digital signage can increase message visibility so the desired message is the one people remember.
  3. Speed of Distribution: In a customer-facing environment this can mean quicker notification of special sales or announcements that customers may need to know about. On the internal communication side this can mean giving employees a faster way to see what is happening. This could also be extended to emergency and mass notification as a signage system can be used to alert viewers of critical events like severe weather or security threats which have been unfortunately all too common in recent years.
  4. Increased Interaction: With the desire for companies to connect on multiple platforms with clients and employees, signage can be used to drive them from screen to social using either direct awareness campaigns such as “Connect with us on Twitter or Facebook” or using interactive technology like QR codes to allow users with mobile devices to subscribe or follow by just snapping a photo.

There are many ways that digital signage can help make your employees and customers more aware of what your business does and how it may help them.

Has your company considered how digital signage may improve its internal or external communications? Let us help you extend your message digitally!