Consider Video Conferencing for Lower Cost and Better Collaboration

Now that video has become so prevalent with Skype and Facetime apps, people are starting to realize there is a cheaper way to handle video conferencing. Read More

Coming Soon: Product Review

Video and data projectors have become commonplace in business, education and houses of worship for years. Replacing lamps and cleaning filters on the current LCD projectors can be costly and time consuming, let alone inconvenient. Enter the projector of the future - the lampless LED projector. Read More

Surround Yourself With Sound

High quality sound is a key element when you are looking to purchase the “complete entertainment package.” Read More

How can audio visual enhance your event

Your AV provider should  be able to give you suggestions for ways to make your program more special and memorable to your attendees. There are many options that can provide that WOW factor. It will make a big difference! Read More

How to avoid wasting money on AV

It's not news that we live in a very budget-conscious world. The drive to get things done cheaper and cheaper is a constant pressure in both our business and personal lives. Corporate culture has, in the past five years, shifted to put a strong emphasis on good stewardship of our own resources and the resources of our stakeholders. So when you order audiovisual equipment for your event, you need to make sure you're not wasting money. Read More