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Since 1953, Cory's Audio Visual has been the resource for solving audio and video issues across Oklahoma and beyond.

Fix hard-to-use systems

"Our conference room had an old audio visual system that was cumbersome, unreliable, and very difficult to use... Cory’s Audio Visual provided us with upgraded, easy-to-use equipment, and offered training on how everything works."
~Shari F.

Audio clarity

"Cory's Audio Visual understood that we had an acoustically challenging space... they understood our needs and were able to come up with a well-designed plan"
~James C.

Event planning knowledge

"Cory’s Audio Visual came to my rescue when we realized the size of our event had outgrown the capabilities of our house sound system... they helped turn our annual fundraising gala into the most successful event we’ve had to date.
~Devin S.

Audio/Visual integration and layout

"We wanted a top-of-the-line system, [but] we also had to work within a limited budget. The engineers and design team at Cory’s Audio Visual were able to design a turn-key solution that gave us the functionality we desperately needed... in a cost-efficient manner."
~Jayme A


Because you don't have the time to deal with it, you need technology solutions that work every time you turn them on because your business depends on it.


We can provide solutions of any scale, from single meeting rooms to emergency response facilities with hundreds of integrated parts. 


Big and small, we provide a hotel audio visual system that is versatile, user-friendly, and profitable in your venue. 

Large Events

After more than 60,000 events, we are second-to-none in knowledge, readiness, professionalism, and enthusiasm. Our team pays attention to detail and presentation in everything we do and always exceed expectations.


We are the only production support company in Oklahoma that specializes in theatre and dance. Our lighting, sound, and scenic designers have the experience and training to understand your vision and make it a reality. 


We love how interactive classroom technologies enhance student learning. From classrooms to lecture halls to commencement ceremonies, we are your one-stop educational technology partner.

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Staff Spotlight: Erica

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